Circleville Miniatures Sorena  12/28/98
  33" Light gray.
MGF Candy  8/10/02
  34" Brown/white spots...
Silver Hammer Princess Grace  8/4/97
  33" Gray/dun
Silver Hammer Bella Donna  4/3/03
  33" White with dark brown spots...
Silver Hammer Eleanor Rigby  10/3/03
  34" Dark brown and white spots...
Silver Hammer Clementine  9/26/02
  30" Gray/dun...
Silver Hammer Coco  4/15/01
  34" Dark chocolate brown..
Silver Hammer Mikko  4/28/04
      31" Gray/dun..    
Texas Sunset Farm Lexus  7/13/03
     32" Gray and white spotted...
GP Patricia  2/20/93
      34" Gray/ girl born January 21, 2007!
WH Shelley  3/22/92
      34.5" Gray/dun...
CeleBRAYtion Acres Whitney   9/25/05
   Dark brown   Sired by Pucci's Raymond Burro
CeleBRAYtion Acres Xan  10/15/05
     ....spotted, brown & white
Silver Hammer Dakota  10/22/05
    34"spotted dark brown/white  Sired Double N Ditto
Silver Hammer Darling Kate  12/13/05
        Gray.... Sired by Double N Ditto
Silver Hammer Raven..31 1/2" dark brown...Sired by        Double N Ditto
Silver Hammer Darling Lily...gun metal grey..
Silver Hammer Jacinta...born November 2005..for sale
Silver Hammer Tupelo Honey...31 1/2" brown
Silver Hammer Gypsy Love...born April 2009
Silver Hammer Darling Tallulah..born June 2009
Silver Hammer Darling Matilda..born Aug. 2011
Silver Hammer Gypsy Love...born June 2009
Silver Hammer Tin Pan Alley..born April 2012

Our Jennets
Our Jennets
We breed our jennets selectively with herdsires to enhance and complement color, conformation, and personality.  Each baby born is a result of our selective breeding program....and OUR MAMAS LOVE THEIR BABIES!
Ditto, Dakota, Candy
Gracie and Shiloh
Clementine and Darling Kate
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Shelley, Patricia & Sorena
Silver Hammer Cassidy....SOLD!
Patricia and baby girl, Raven, born 1/21/07! What a little darling!
Clementine and her new baby girl, Lily...born 4/9/07..she's little and gorgeous!
Silver Hammer Darling Lily....daughter of Clementine & Maximus
Silver Hammer Raven...Born January 2007
Silver Hammer Tupelo Honey...  born November 19, 2007...she is the first one born of parents that were born on our farm!  Very special little girl!
Silver Hammer Darling Tallulah
5th baby girl out of Silver Hammer Clementine
What a MOMMA!
Ditto is the daddy!
Mother/daughter...Candy and Dakota...can you find them in the snow??